Application fields and solutions

Smartphones and Tablets

Sensors are increasingly important to providing the functionality and performance that consumers expect from their mobile devices. For example, optical image stabilization – which corrects for hand jitter – enables the user to take crystal-clear photos and videos with their phones, and this functionality is powered by precision IMUs that accurately measure hand motion with low latency while compensating for temperature effects.


And, as navigation functionality must work both indoors and outdoors, smartphones increasingly rely on magnetometers and barometers to inform them of heading and what floor level the user is on. Combined with IMUs, the user’s location, speed, and step count can accurately be known even when a GNSS signal is not available.


Accelerometers are key to such essential items as screen rotation and mobile gaming.


Wearable devices equipped with smart sensors are powerful tools for improving health and tracking fitness activities by enabling functionality such as step counting, activity recognition, sleep monitoring, and location detection – all while meeting the battery-life and size requirements of fitness bands and smart watches.


QST offers a range of device the meet these challenges, such as tiny, low power accelerometers, magnetometers, barometers, and intelligent sensors that combine an accelerometer, MCU, and BT chip into a single package.


In addition to use as consumer video capture devices, drones are increasingly being deployed as a valuable tool for aerial surveying for infrastructure inspection and smart agriculture.


QST offers a full range of advanced inertial-GNSS modules with performance and functionality to meet the most demanding requirements for drone navigation and camera gimbal pointing and stabilization.


Performance features include RTK GNSS for cm-level accuracy and dual GNSS compassing for accurate heading in challenging magnetic fields, even when stationary. The modules include industry-hardened sensor fusion and full temperature calibration.


For companies developing their own component-level solutions, QST provides performance IMUs, accelerometers, magnetometers, and barometers.


With the powerful dynamic and synchronous human body tracking functions of the 6-axis IMU sensor, VR/AR will bring you into a 3D virtual interaction scene, in which, you can watch a movie in the full scene.
It can also help us enjoy a motion-controlled game, appreciate the celestial bodies in front of your eyes and feel the joy in science.

IOT/Smart Home

A robot sweeper equipped with a range of smart sensors, including performance IMUs, magnetometers, barometers, and LIDAR or cameras, can provide a spotless home while taking a path that intelligently avoids obstacles.


A smart door lock with a magnetic sensor can detect the open-close angle of the door and help prevent break ins.

Autonomous Vehicles

QST provides advanced inertial and inertial-GNSS modules particularly well-suited for navigation and stability control for autonomous robotic ground vehicles used in last-mile delivery, precision agriculture, and self-driving trucks and cars


Performance features include RTK GNSS for cm-level accuracy and dual GNSS compassing that provides accurate heading in challenging magnetic fields, even with stationary. The modules include industry-hardened sensor fusion and full temperature calibration.

Smart Farm

In a smart farm, the movement of animals can be monitored with sensors (for example, the sensor on the foot ring of a roaming chicken is an achievement of QST), so that people can know how their healty food on the table was raised (see QMS7926 smart sensor)


QST provides sensing products with higher performance than consumer devices for industrial-like applications. For example, magnetic sensors find use for switch position detection in white goods, home appliances, and brushless motors. Current sensors and linear hall sensors are used in pan-tilt servo control for gimbals, or for machine speed control via pedal sensing. Angular encoders can be employed for step motor control and throttle angle sensing.

Construction, Mining, and Material Handling

To prevent accidents resulting from loss of traction, tip-overs, and collisions, QST provides advanced inertial and inertial-GNSS modules. These rugged modules are used in traction control; management of boom, bucket, and cab attitude; and positional awareness in construction and material handling equipment such as cranes, excavators, and forklifts.