Intelligent sensor QMS7912

Product details:

QMS7912 is specially developed for IoT, smart animal husbandry, smart hardware and wearable devices;

This product has the advantages of high functional integration, small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, zero drift stability and integrated wireless transmission function.

Package Size : 5*5*1mm3.  Integrate a 3-axis accelerometer, MCU and wireless bluetooth function.

The MEMS sensor can be dynamically configured with multiple working modes, 32-level FIFO, and 10bit A/D converter, and output data rate is as high as 2000Hz.

The MCU is integrated with 64KB Flash and 2KB RAM, supports IAP/ISP, RTC and resetting circuits, I2C, SPI, UART, ADC, PWM, CRC, etc.

Bluetooth wireless transmits and receives at maximum 1Mbps, 2MHZ channel isolation, does not require any external RF power amplifier.

MEMS sensor, MCU and bluetooth wireless are integrated in one chip QMS7912 to implement data collecting, processing and transmitting.

It highly simplifies the application's circuit design, improves the system reliability and stability, and is highly suitable for the application in IoT and wearable smart terminal products.




5×5×1 mm3 LGA packaged 3-axis accelerometer, operating temperature range   -40°C~+85°C

High integration, small size, digital output with calibrated data

10-digit A/D conversion, low noise accelerometer

High precision, mobile and inclination detecting

I2C interface with standard mode and fast mode

High speed interface for fast data communication

Built-in self-test function

Low cost production package and test

Large range operating voltage (2.4V~3.6V) and low power consumption (27~50uA)

Suitable for application with battery power supply

Internal 32-level FIFO function

Pb free LGA package

Environmental friendly and extensive application

Software and algorithms supported.

High output data rate

1T high speed 8051

High performance and highly compatible MCU

I2C, SPI, UART, 12-bit ADC, CRC, PWM, etc.

Rich peripheral functions for different applications

2.4GHz bluetooth, 2MHz channel isolation, 1Mbps

Low power consumption bluetooth, high transmission speed, long distance

-5~4dBm transmit-receive power, -85dBm sensitivity

High power, high sensitivity, does not require any external amplifier

Baseband integrated with CRC and data processing

Simplified system design and programming for users



Technical features:
 ● Advanced MEMS Bulk Silicon and CMOS compatible technology;
 ● Integrated MEMS, 1T compatible 8051 internal kernel, bluetooth;
 ● The MEMS sensor has high precision, high sensitivity, low power consumption and low cost;
 ● The enhanced MCU is high speed, low power and handles many peripheral functions;
 ● The MCU is internally integrated with RTC and Reset functions;