Barometer QMP6988

Product details :


QMP6988 is a high precision but low power consumption MEMS pressure sensor for measurement of atmosphere pressure.

The pressure measurement range of QMP6988 is 30KPa~110KPa, and the best relative pressure accuracy is 0.6Pa (equivalent to the altitude change of ±125px), and the working current is as low as 4.1uA at the working frequency 1Hz. The embedded temperature sensor reduces temperature drift. Supports I2C and SPI modes of communication.  LGA package on a ceramic substrate, has excellent resistance to stress change.





2×2.5×0.85 mm3 LGA package, ambient temperature range -40°C~+85°C.

High integration, small size, digitalized output and calibration.

24-bit A/D conversion, 0.06Pa output resolution.


Wide dynamic range (30~110kPa)

Outstanding dynamic range and resolution

24-bit temperature output.

Stable sensitivity in a large operating temperature range.

I2C interface in standard mode and fast mode, and SPI interface

Applicable for weather forecast, indoor navigating, automobile navigating and   altitude measuring

Large operating voltage range (1.71V~3.6V)

Suitable for applications with battery power supply.

Pb free LGA structure

Conforming to RoHS standard.






Technical features:
 ●Measure barometric pressure with high precision and low power consumption;
 ● The embedded temperature sensor reduces the temperature drift;
 ● I2C and SPI modes of communication;
 Application field:
 Smart phones, drones, navigating modules, pads, PDA, GPS, etc.