3-axis magnetic sensor QMC7983

Product details:

QMC7983 is the first 3-axis single chip magnetic sensor integrated with AMR and ASIC, as the 3-axis magnetic sensing element and sensor signal processing ASIC are creatively integrated on a single chip based on the AMR technology.

Through such technological innovation, QMC7983 is given a higher integrity, lower consumption and higher signal sensitivity, it is powerful and competitive in mobile intelligent terminals including smart phones and pads, and the new wearable electronic devices.




1.2×1.2×0.55 mm3 WLCSP package 3-axis magnetic sensor, ambient temperature   range -40°C~+85°C.

High integration, small size, digital output and calibration.

16-bit A/D conversion, low noise AMR sensor, 2mGs magnetic field resolution.

Orientation precision 1°~2°, applicable for walker navigating and   positioning.

Wide magnetic field range (±20Gs)

Outstanding dynamic detecting range and resolution

Temperature output and temperature compensated data output.

Stable sensitivity in a large operating temperature range.

I2C interface with standard mode and rapid mode

High speed interface for rapid data communication, maximum output data rate 200Hz

Built-in self-test function.

Low cost production package and test

Large range operating voltage (2.4V~3.6V) and low power consumption (75uA)

Suitable for application with battery power supply.

Pb free WLCSP package

Conforming to RoHS standard.

Software and algorithms supported.

Provide compass azimuth angle, hard magnetic, soft magnetic and automatic   calibrating.


Technical features:
 ● AMR and CMOS integrated process flow;
 ● Single chip integrated AMR 3-axis(X Y Z)and ASIC;
 ● High precision, low power, ultra-low cost;
 Application field:
 Smart phones, pads; wearable devices, game remote controllers, posture monitor devices; outdoor sports electronic devices; smart home and smart farm, etc.