3-axis accelerator sensor QMA7981


The QMA7981 is a triaxial, ultra-low power sensor with digital output for smart mobile terminals, Internet of Things, and wearable applications. The QMA7981 is in a 2x2x0.95mm3 surface mount 12-pin land grid array(LGA)package. The device supports digital interface IIC and SPI . Along with custom-designed 14-bit ADC ASIC , it offers the advantages of low noise, high accuracy, low power consumption. and the data output frequency can be up to 2000Hz. The standby current is as low as 1μA, and the operating current is as low as 1.7μA; the range of this product is +/-32g, which can provide ultra-high resolution better than 0.2mg. In addition to providing conventional acceleration detection functions, QMA7981 optimizes somatosensory operations and detection through a built-in ASIC to support smart somatosensory applications. Especially in the application scenarios of wearable devices, QMA7981 will reflect the advantages of convenient system embedding/integration, faster speed response, and lower energy consumption, becoming a perfect solution for intelligent sports health systems and intelligent gesture systems.


Typical Applications:

1. Pedometer/ step counting

2. Any motion(slope)dectection

3. Drop detection

4. Raise wake algorithm

5. motion detection algorithms




Technical features:
● Single chip integrated architecture, MEMS bulk silicon and CMOS integrated process flow
● Low power, low noise and high precision
● Embedded multiple motion detection algorithms, low power intelligent system solution

 Wearable equipment, remote controlled game terminals, attitude monitoring, outdoor sports electronic devices; smartphones, tablets, Smart home a