Data Visualization and Data Logging


A powerful data visualization tool lets designers quickly evaluate the performance of the QST performance inertial-GNSS modules.

Development and Evaluation HW and SW


QST’s performance inertial-GNSS modules come with a full suite of hardware and software development and evaluation tools, including hardware development kits, a sophisticated data visualization and data logging tool, and an open source software development kit (SDK).



Many end applications can make use of the performance location, attitude, heading, and motion tracking of the QST performance modules. These include air, sea, and ground-based vehicles; construction, material handling, and mining equipment; platform stabilization; and antenna and camera pointing and stabilization.


What do they do?


Inertial-GNSS modules accurately track position, attitude, heading, and movement through the intelligent combination (fusion) of the outputs from performance sensors including GNSS receivers that use orbiting satellites to provide positional awareness, and MEMS sensors that measure rotation, acceleration, air pressure, and magnetic fields.





QST offers a full lineup of modules, including a dual-GNSS compassing solution, which uses two GNSS sensors to provide accurate heading, even in magnetically challenging environments. A RTK GNSS module provides cm-level accuracy for precision navigation. And an AHRS module (attitude, heading reference system) that includes an L1 GNSS receiver.

QST offers a full line of precision sensor modules combining GNSS

satellite navigation, dual redundant MEMS IMUs (accel + gyro),

a magnetometer, and a pressure sensor whose outputs are fused together

to provide accurate and responsive motion measurement and navigation solutions.


The modules, powered by Inertial Sense, contain temperature-calibrated sensors complete with industry-hardened sensor fusion software.



Performance Inertial-GNSS Modules

EVB-2 Development Board


EVB-2 development board contains inertial-GNSS functionality plus BT and WiFI for data transfer, micro SD for data logging, and Xbee for RTK. Supports multiple interfaces including USB, CAN, RS232, RS485, GPS PPS time sync, UART, SPI

Development Kits


Development kits provide the hardware and software to connect to and evaluate the performance of the performance inertial-GNSS modules.

Module Form Factors


The modules come in two form factors: rugged and OEM. The rugged form factor comes in an aluminum housing while the OEM module is a PCB solution that can be hand soldered to an existing PCB.

OEM Module


The OEM module measures 16.5 x 12.6 x 4.6 mm and weighs 1.3g.

Rugged Module


The rugged module measures 25.4 x 25.4 x 11.2 mm (without tabs) and 35.9 x 25.4 x 11.2 mm (with tabs). It weighs 10.5g.

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*RTK and GNSS Compass functionality not available concurrently